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John H Roberts

John H Roberts

John H Roberts

John H Roberts

John H Roberts

Our Products

As well as a variety of smokeless, anthracite, manufactured products (ideal for wood burning stoves) we sell domestic coal in three grades.

Household Coal We Sell:

  • Doubles – Small Coal (Good heat for small fires).
  • Group2 – Medium with large coal through it (Good heat for medium to large fires).
  • Premium Coal (2 Grades) – Top Grade (Excellent heat and leaves little ash for both small and large fires).

We also sell:

  • Anthracite – This is anthracite suitable for solid fuel heating systems stored in the Auchenblae yard.
  • Manufactured Compressed Coal – Designed for both open and closed fires.
  • Kindling
  • Logs – We sell the Hard Wood and Soft Wood logs in net bags or per quantity of 1.6 cubic mtr delivered by a tipping transit
    These are air dried and are stored inside over winter to ensure a dry product through out the year, approx 15-20% moisture.
  • Peat
  • Coal Bunkers which can be collected or delivered from yard
  • Titan Plastic Bunkers Available – They hold 6 bags of coal and are approx 3ft x 3 ft square with a sloping lid and a door in the bottom best placed on a hard surface.
  • Coal supplied to retailers in 10kg
  • Wood PelletsWood pellets for self feeding systems (some customers use these for cat litter) and recycled wood briquettes.
  • Pre-Packed Coal – We also have a stock of pre-packed coal available for collection from yard in 20kg bags.

We have all you need to keep you warm over the Winter months.

Call for quotes on 01561 320335 or 01561 320744

We have weekly/fortnightly delivery days to certain areas phone to check which days and place your order for reliable and friendly service.

J GAS Stockist

We are also stockists for J GAS, we stock both butane and propane gas from 6kgs – 47kg bottles.

Biomass Wood Pellets

We stock 2 different types: Woodlets and Puffin Pellets the wood pellets come in 3 different sized bags 10kg, 15kg and 20 kg bags.
We also stock Hot max high energy Heat Logs in 20kg bags.

BSL NUMBER 0094117-0001